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moving my body is an essential piece of my whole i wanna feel good lifestyle. my body simply knows that it was designed to move. and it feels a whole lot better when it does. and so do i. squats & lunges, TRX, Bosu & Stability balls, kettlebells, med balls, lifts, holds, skips, jumps...i love it. and i share my passion for movement (strength, mobility, balance, coordination) in small group classes and personal training. 

strength & conditioning

These 'fitness' classes focus on working the body as one system, incorporating exercises that combine upper & lower body, as well as various movement patterns. The class is designed to challenge balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion. Classes include a mixture of bodyweight and free weight exercises.  Modifications are given for both beginners and advanced. Suitable for beginners or those with a regular movement practice.

*classes offered at Anytime Fitness in january 2020. 


meet me at the barre

i love barre. it's a no-impact class inspired by ballet, yoga, strength & conditioning and Pilates. we use small, controlled movements with light hand-held weights, high repetition and isometric holds. it's a fun way to move, strengthen, & stretch your entire body. barre's unique style consists of long, soothing, stretches to promote elongated muscles and decreased muscle soreness. this class is a blend of strength, flexibility, balance, and core conditioning. suitable for all levels. 

fridays 915-1015am / laszlo tamasik dance academy - 7280 kemano st 


stretch & strength *youth & adult classes

This class is designed to work on increasing flexibility and range of motion, improving posture and balance, and strengthening the body with more natural, functional movements. Classes include body weight exercises, therapeutic exercise balls, resistance bands and a variety of yoga props. There will also be an element of breath work and other mindful practices. Suitable for beginners or those with a regular movement practice. 
mondays 430-730pm / laszlo tamasik dance academy - 7280 kemano st 

4:30-5:30pm youth
6:15-7:15pm adults

*this is a registered class through Laszlo Tamasik Dance Academy . please contact to register.


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T: 1-604-483-6225

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